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Preah Sihanouk Province is a seaside resort located on the coast between Thailand and Vietnam at the Southwesterly end of Cambodia; an ideal destination for that dream holiday. Meant to be a port city in the late 1950s, the town has evolved; it is newer, more urban and cosmopolitan than most other Cambodian provincial cities. This is now more a beach town catering to beach-going holiday makers from Phnom Penh as well as the increasing number of foreign tourists although it is still the port town it has always been.

Although the pace in the province is very relaxed, there is a lot for sight-seeing and other interesting activities in this province besides the attractions of the islands and the beaches and because the town is bordered on three sides by tropical beaches, fresh seafood especially crabs, squids, prawns and ocean fish, has always been one of the town's biggest draws. All about town and along the beaches, there is also a wide selection of foreign cuisines including Japanese, Australian, Korean, Chinese, French, Indian, German, Sri Lankan, British, and Italian. There are also pizzeria, bakeries and a few nice coffee shops in town.


Night life is extremely exciting; a wide variety of bars, especially those on Weather Station Hill and in the downtown area, stay open well into the wee hours.  The beach bars on Ochheuteal, Serendipity and Victory Beaches are also open until very late; some remain until the last customer leaves which sometimes can be when dawn breaks. The accommodative and friendly attitude of the joint owners contributes to make this a favourite with many foreign tourists.

In Preah Sihanouk Province, there are waterfalls, nature reserves, night clubs and casinos, but being the beach town it is, there are lots of water sports and other interesting and enjoyable off-shore activities including boating, island-hopping, fishing, diving and snorkeling.  Along the beaches, boats of all types and sizes are available for charter.  Some boat operators offer group fishing trips while others are specialized in diving expeditions.

Many foreign-owned scuba and snorkeling companies offer package diving lessons complete with equipment.  It may be well worth taking the time to learn the basics of managing the breathing apparatus and understanding the ‘buddy’ underwater communication system. These lessons can make your dives safer and more enjoyable.

For the expert enthusiast who wants to explore the mysterious underwater world of coastal Cambodia, there are many islands off the Cambodian coast with lots of opportunities to explore breath-taking unspoiled coral reefs and the hosts of marine life forms. The province has PADI Dive Centres and qualified instructors and guides in town who knows just the spots to take you.

For the less adventurous, snorkeling can still be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.  It can also give you a chance to see the marine life and coral. No training is necessary but you should be a strong swimmer though.  

There are several beaches in Preah Sihanouk; each has its own uniqueness and attractions. Just a little to the south of the busy port with plenty of accommodation for the budget conscious is Victory Beach which actually covers a long stretch of white sand but a rocky point puts a pause to the seemingly endless stretch.  The rocks segregate the entire beach into two parts; a northern and southern part. The southern stretch is popularly known as the ‘Hawaii Beach’.  Unlike the northern stretch which is less crowded, the Hawaii Beach is peppered by thatched roofed eateries and cafés and has always been quite popular.

Then, there is the white sandy Independence Beach which is named after the 7-storey Independence Hotel there.  The Independence Beach is calm and quiet; just the place for you to spend some quiet moments with your loved ones, taking in the pleasures of life and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Sokha Beach Resort takes up and blocks most of Sokha Beach for their residents. However, a small part of this stretch of beach is still open to public.

By far the most popular beach is Ocheuteal. Here is where all the fun and frolicking never seem to relax. In a place with so many gorgeous beaches, this one is surely the one that attracts people most. Its picturesque beauty combined with the endless activities it offers, plus its proximity to the center of the city, these are perhaps some of the reasons behind its popularity. This beach is packed everyday of the week; you will see both tourists and locals gathering here to eat, drink, and make merry.

The northern stretch is the fabulous Serendipity Beach where you can find cheap guesthouses right on the sands along with different types of shops and eateries.  This stretch of beach never sleeps and is a favorite to foreign tourists.

For you who prefer to stay off and away from the coast, motor cycles and bicycles are available for rent everywhere. These are a great convenience for sight-seeing; it is the best way to enjoy the mountains, areas down town and go bar hopping. The place has so much to see and do. You can also visit the waterfalls and the Ream National Park which is only about a 30 minutes ride away from the town center. This is a “Must see” for all nature and bird lovers.  The Ream National Park is home to a number of rare birds and animals which is indeed a treat for the nature lovers. There are estimated to have about 155 bird species, monkeys, mouse deers and pangolins. An additional major attraction during the months of December through February is the magnificent fresh water white dolphins. The Kbal Chhay Waterfalls, situated at the Prek Tuk Sap River is also only about 30 minutes away from Sihanouk town center. The Kbal Chhay can be best enjoyed during the wet season between July and October.

If you wish to just relax and be pampered, what could be nicer and more relaxing whilst in Sihanouk Province than a body massage?  A one hour session on the beach sets you back for as little as U$5 and an indoor massage, providing a little more privacy and in a nice air-conditioned room, starts from as little as U$8 an hour depending on where you go. There are many nice spas in town which also offer massage services as well as other cosmetic treatments and herbal baths. Cambodian therapists are very well trained and dedicated to their work.

In the province of Preah Sihanouk, there will always be something to keep your vacation jolly and memorable.